I’ve heard most of the typical instructor cliché’s. One cliché that I despise is “I’d rather be judged by twelve than carried by six.” Instructors should never teach that phrase to students.

I recently met with a nice young man whose life was about to change for the worse. He hadn’t held a concealed carry license for very long. When I discussed his situation with him, he shared that he relied heavily on the advice given him by his CHL instructor. Though I generally believe that CHL instructors are the very best at what they do, I am profoundly troubled by one piece of advice sometimes given to new students. When faced with a very real threat to his life, this individual drew his handgun and did just what his instructor taught him. He shot the threat twice in the chest. Then, while the threat was incapacitated and lying on the ground helpless, he walked up to the threat and put one final round in the threat’s head. The only justification he offered me was the 12/6 cliché set out above and that this was what his instructor taught him. Unfortunately, his instructor should have taught him the essence of appropriate concealed carry.

Use of your handgun is only appropriate 1) when it is used as a tool of last resort and 2) when it is used to stop a threat so that you can safely escape.

I submit that the first shot was probably justified self-defense. Further, I submit that the second shot was probably justified self-defense. However, once the threat had ended and was lying helpless on the ground, the third shot to the head was potentially manslaughter or even worse, murder. Arrogant cliché’s have no place in the classroom. Using such cliché’s when teaching inexperienced new students violates the trust that students place in the instructor and demonstrates an extreme ignorance (or arrogance) about how the law works. When students hear instructors use such cliché’s they should immediately conclude that the instructor is misinformed about how the law applies. Instructors who insist on using such cliché’s should realize they are setting students up for extreme failure. It would be better to give up teaching rather than teach students how to fail.

In almost every legislative session a Bill is introduced to eliminate the requirement to have a license before carrying concealed. Such bills would grant virtually everyone in Ohio the right to carry concealed without a license. Such is the case with House Bill 152. Some-times referred to as “Constitutional Carry”, it would allow any person age 21 or older who is not other-wise prohibited under federal law from possessing a fire-arm, to carry concealed with-out an Ohio license. An Ohio license would still be required if you expected to travel outside of Ohio due to inconsistencies with laws in other states. This Bill would make Ohio a leader in passing laws favoring concealed carry since only a handful of other states have passed similar legislation. But remember, Ohio has rarely been a leader in concealed carry laws. Though it if fun to think about it, it is not likely to pass.

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