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What to Do if You Move CHL

It’s easy to forget the small stuff years after you receive your handgun license. But, if you fail to provide proper notice, you may find that you have unexpected problems. Under ORC 2923.126, anyone who moves while holding a valid CHL license in Ohio is required to... read more

Carrying Concealed During the Holidays

As CHL permit holders, when we interact with friends and family during the holidays we must be constantly vigilant on how we handle our handguns. Concealed Carry during the Holidays requires special planning. Getting together with friends or family for holiday... read more

Taking Care of Veterans

All of us at OhioCCDS would like to thank the previous, current and future members of the United States Armed Forces for protecting our great country. Without the dedication and sacrifice of these men and women, it would be impossible to be where we are now. A... read more

Guns In The Home

If you haven’t yet been asked by your healthcare provider whether you have guns in the home, be prepared for it. More and more healthcare providers are asking, and you need to have your answer prepared. I knew that a recent visit to my family doctor wasn’t going to be... read more

Concealed Carry to the Extreme

I’ve heard most of the typical instructor cliché’s. One cliché that I despise is “I’d rather be judged by twelve than carried by six.” Instructors should never teach that phrase to students. I recently met with a nice young man whose life was about to change for the... read more

CHL Trend, or Not – You Decide

It may sound harsh, but I recommend not discussing concealed carry with your friends or neighbors. Your handgun does not exist until you are training or you are forced to use it. It is a tool of last resort.

read more

New Website Launched

Our brand-new website has just been released! We have added many new features including online billing and account management. Monthly Membership Plan We now offer a low monthly payment option of $19 per month for one individual. Add family members for an additional... read more

Surprising Aftermath to Use-Of-Force

Be very careful before you draw your handgun—taking time to first be sure that you have met all of the legal requirements can save you from having to defend yourself in court later.  If you are unsure, don’t draw. Imagine this scenario happening to you.  It’s a... read more