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What to Do if You Move

It’s easy to forget the small stuff years after you receive your handgun license. But, if you fail to provide proper notice, you may find that you have unexpected problems.
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Lead Counsel

20+ years experience

RT holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Dayton, a law degree from The Ohio State University and a Masters of Law degree from Capital University.

NRA Instructor

He is a certified NRA Instructor in Home Firearm Safety, Basic Pistol, Personal Protection Inside the Home, and Personal Protection Outside the Home.

State and Federal Court

He has represented clients in Municipal, State and Federal Courts across Ohio. This includes both criminal and civil trials.

Holds both an Ohio and Utah CHL

RT walks in your shoes nearly every day. When not prohibited, he carries concealed. He understands the pressures of carrying concealed in the real world and dealing with real world threats.

Membership Benefits

Only $19 per month. Add a family member for an additional $10. You may cancel anytime.

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We defend you beginning when the initial charge is filed, through your arraignment, pretrial hearings, and final trial in both criminal and civil court.

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Whether there is one court appearance or a dozen, there is no additional attorney fee charge to you.

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Time is of the essence. We’ll get right to work to protect your license, gun and freedom.

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My wife and I became OhioCCDS members and two months later my wife had a run in with law enforcement. RT represented us and helped us tremendously. I have renewed our membership because I do not want to be carrying a concealed weapon without having OhioCCDS. Dave B.

My application for a concealed handgun license had just been denied and I asked OhioCCDS to represent me. When negotiations for my permit failed, OhioCCDS sued the County Sheriff and won! I would have never won the right to carry concealed without OhioCCDS. I encourage everyone to join OhioCCDS for the best defense you can get at a price you can afford. Travis N.

I had the unfortunate luck to be arrested for a CCW violation during a traffic stop on the way home for Christmas. RT went right to work. The charges were dismissed and my firearm was returned. I can’t thank him enough! Steve S.

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